Food does great things. It provides nourishment, a sense of community, comfort and opportunity for new experiences. Hannah Baker’s is here to encourage growth & community through food.

Hannah Baker’s wants to help make memories and grow traditions with your family and friends. We are here to provide you with delicious pastries and desserts for your work day, special day or any day. On our site you can see the products we offer, but if you have ideas or want to try something new, it is highly encouraged! Send us a note and we can work together to make it happen.

Outside of baking, Hannah Baker’s is  rooted in Iowa. Iowa is home. Life is good here. We are blessed to live in a beautiful state; great people, beautiful landscape (I mean, have you seen the sunsets?!) and a growing food scene.  The Iowa section (coming soon) will highlight all things that make Iowa, Iowa. I hope when you visit the page, you find a new experience or area to explore with your friends and’ll fall in love with Iowa, if you haven’t yet.

Have a good one,
Hannah Baker

a little about hannah baker's:

01. why name it hannah baker's?

02. history

04. what can you expect from me

Some say your given name plays a role into the person you are or who you become. This is extraordinarily true in my case. My given middle name is Baker, a family name. Growing up, I was embarrassed having a 'odd' middle name, but as I have gotten older it is a huge part of who I am.

I have always had a passion for food and baking. When I was little, Saturday mornings were spent watching Julia Child & Jacque Pepin on PBS, then spending hours playing kitchen & single-handedly keeping the Easy Bake Oven company in business. As I got older, I would expand and started baking for friends and family; for their birthdays or special events.

Creating memorable experiences with food is one of the most important things to me. I want to help you create special memories and traditions with your family and friends in the way you imagine.

03. why start Hannah baker's

Life helps make choices for us. In college I was diagnosed with cancer. Once reaching remission, it was important to me to find a job in the cancer research community. After graduation, I came across a job in oncology clinical trials (let the heavens open)! In the six years I was there, I grew as an individual and started to understand what happiness was. The company I worked for ended up going through restructuring and my position was one that was let go. It was sad to leave, but this new chapter is extremely exciting!