the experience

encouraging growth + community through food

The best memories include food. Hannah Baker's wants to be a part of that. An unique cake for your birthday, fresh croissants for your clients or cookies for an afternoon treat, we've got you covered. 

There is no requirement to choose from a set list, we work together on what you want for your event. May it be a trusty vanilla cupcake or a chocolate croissant, Hannah Baker's is here to encourage food traditions and memories. 

Weddings +birthdays+  special events

business events+ bakery subscription


Hannah Baker's is here for your work day, wedding day, birthday or any day. 

Items available: cookie baskets, pastry baskets, 'naked' cakes and cupcakes. Have another idea? No sweat, we can work together to make it work!





+ large cookies: Starting at $20/dozen
+ Regular cookies: starting at $22 per 2 dozen
+ Cookie Kits: $15 - supplies to decorate 6 cookies 

+ 8" 3-layer starting at $35 

+ Starting at $25/dozen
+ mini: starting at $15/dozen

+ Starting at $40/two dozen

Have another idea?
send it over, we can make it work!

+ 6" 3-layer starting at $30 

+ 3" 2-layer starting at $15 

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